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"Goodguy´s go everywhere" . Episode : Wolframio

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In World War II, tungsten played a significant role in background political dealings. Portugal, as the main European source of the element, was put under pressure from both sides, because of its deposits of wolframite ore at Panasqueira. Tungsten's resistance to high temperatures and its strengthening of alloys made it an important raw material for the arms industry.
Especially for Germany during that historical period, who for the most part, the mineral used to strengthen their tanks. This is why they put great interest in the famous French-Spanish Canfranc train station, which was considered one (besides Portugal location) of the greatest concentrations of WOLFRAM.
WOLFRAM, also known as tungsten. The word tungsten comes from the Swedish language tung sten directly translatable to heavy stone, though the name is volfram in Swedish to distinguish it from Scheelite, which in Swedish is alternatively named tungsten.
"WOLFRAMIO" :is a chemical element and atomic number 74, with the chemical symbol........... W.

David Lediem

" Goodguy 's goes everywhere" serie is about 3 episodes , here is the first one :" WOLFRAMIO". Helping me out x telling this story, I was lucky to have in my production-team this wonderful and professional model. Until today he has been the best model ever!,any problems ,always there when i needed and so much able to capture the essence of the message I wanted to reflect in this new series ,he´s been such a "GoodGuy"hehehehe!........ you will see very soon, is coming up in few days fully.Just a short note to say: that it has been the most incredible experiences I have seen during a shooting( a meanpics! hehehe), the walking around x that beautiful place , through the snow, never reach visually where you walked because everything was white and every step I gave,At least you could find under your feet and run into old iron girders, rusty posters, crossed or broken stairs and even with some of the many french hidden pathways where those famous trains circulating ( of terror ) Nazis transported the 80 tonnes of gold plundered that went to Canfranc directly , the famous French-Spanish station that used to have so much life, vital for direct connection between the northern regions of Spain and Paris.... an now after some decades left alone....a place located between barracks in ruins and wooden trains from which you could read "DANGER" everywhere, completely abandoned and almost destroyed, I remember that amazing and beautiful wooden bench in one of the platform ,so beautiful, with so much history behind that image , broken, devoured by the passage of time .... as impatiently for the next train to pass and walk in front of them and watch dozens of passengers, as used to be. Still amazed by the beauty of so much desolation .

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